• Two 25 minute halves, running time

  • 4 minute halftime

  • One game per week


  • 5 minute warm-up

  • Two 30 minute halves, running time

  • 5 minute halftime

  • Elimination games

  • In the event of a tie:

    • Shootouts, best of 5

    • Shootouts, elimination after that (no players repeat until after cycling through roster)


  • The winner of the game gets three points

  • In case of a regular season tie, each team gets one point


The ranking for playoff seeding shall be decided on the following order:

  1. Points

  2. Games Won

  3. Head-to-Head

  4. Goal Differential

  5. Refer to Complete Rules for additional tie-breaking factors

Note: In case of a team forfeiting a game, the winner will be granted a 3-0 win, granting the non-forfeiting team an advantage in total goals scored.


  • Shin guards and mouthguards are required

  • Two face masks will be available behind the nets during corners


  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted on college premises

  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in expulsion from the game (at officials or NEPL Representative's discretion)


  • Players must have exhausted NCAA eligibility (or have no conflict)

  • 11 on 11 including a goalie

  • Up to three men allowed as field players.

  • Goalies DO NOT count towards maximum tally of men on the field

  • Kicking backs (in lieu of a goalie) are considered a field player and DO count as one of total men on field, if male.

  • Subs must check in and sign a release form prior to play

  • A field player on a team's roster cannot play for another team (as a sub) without the permission of the opponent prior to start the game

  • Goalies on the team rosters are the only players allowed to sub for other teams.

  • Only players on the roster including listed approved subs can play in The Championship A'Fair playoffs

  • Subs must have played and been registered at two regular season games in order to play in the playoffs. These added approved subs must commit to one team for the duration of the playoffs.

  • A minimum of 7 field players plus goalie are required on the field at the start of the game, if not it will be considered a forfeit.

  • Subs must be registered as "SUBS" with NEPL (done by signing the liability waiver).


  • We play rain or shine. We will reschedule a game if lighting is in the forecast.

  • We will notify Team Managers of any game changes as soon as possible and not later than 5pm the day of the game.

  • If lighting is spotted during a game, we will suspend the match and everyone must head to safety and under cover.

  • If a game is suspended during the game, it will be considered a completed game if the first half has been played fully. If the suspension happens during the first half, the game will be rescheduled.

  • Cancellations due to weather are not refundable

  • Once there is less than 30 seconds between the sight of lightning and the sound of thunder, all individuals should be cleared from the field and in a safe location.

  • Imminent Lightning: When immediate threat of lightning has subsided go to a safe shelter*.

  • (for Dirty Water Tourney Only) Resumption of Activity: There should be 30 minutes between the last sound of thunder and the last flash of lightning before activity is resumed.** The 30 minute clock may be re-set as more activity is heard or seen.

*If at New Balance Field, the safe shelter is below the field in the parking garage structure.

**If at New Balance Field, for evening games, a 30 minute game may extend the game beyond the permitted playing hours (residential ordinance limits use of lights on field beyond 9:30 PM) and as such we may be required to cancel games altogether.