North East Premier (NEPL) is a recognized 501(3)(c) nonprofit field hockey league. Our mission is simple:

To provide a competitive post-collegiate league in Boston and to promote the sport in our Boston-area community.

We started our first year in 2014 with six Post-Collegiate teams and grew to eight this past 2015 season. We are hoping to open up a Collegiate pick-up night in 2016.

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  • Post-collegiate players (or have no NCAA conflicts)

  • 11 v 11 format (full field) with standard FIH rules

  • 55 minute games weekly 

  • Meets once per week on one of 2 days (looking at Tuesdays & Thursdays)

  • Two officials per game (rated Level II and up)

  • Three (3) field men allowed on the field (goalies do not count towards the tally)


  • Collegiate players only (incoming freshman / graduating HS seniors are allowed)

  • 60 minute games weekly
  • 2 officials per game

  • Full-field with FIH rules

The camaraderie between my teammates and I, and the rest of the league, is great. Everyone is on the same page, and super thankful for the opportunity.
— C. Feole (source: Boston Globe)
Going from playing and practicing six times a week in college to just stopping completely was very tough for me. Field hockey is a big part of my life, and I’m so happy I get to continue to play in a competitive league.
— L. Priest (source: Boston Globe)

If the video below does not get you all excited we are not sure what will! Check out the ABOUT page for additional information. Let us know how we can help with any additional questions or concerns.

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Mari Creatini and Liane Dixon

NEP League Founders
Northeastern FH '04
Email: northeastpremier@gmail.com