Original Team Roster: Ashley Mendonca, Cedric Warny, Christopher Mills, Clara Belitz, Franny Augustine, Jenna Freitas, Jessica Fleet, Katie Clark, Kellie Stigas, Kelly Freitas, Mark Jennings, Megan Bozek
Approved Sub Adds: Brandon Ambrose-Brunskill, Sarah Cannon



Championship Game Notes: #1 Blackouts vs. #3 Minuteman White

The Cinderella story goes to the Minuteman White Tigers who have gone from last place in 2018 to 3rd seed in the regular season and then to this year’s Championship Game after beating the Boston Squad 1-0 in the semi-finals and the Boston Brigade 4-1 in the quarterfinal round. This was White’s first return to the main stage since they won the Championship in 2013.

We had this season’s favorite rivalry come to a head with the Blackouts defeating last year’s champs the Minuteman Purple 3-0 in the semifinals and 8-0 over the Mass Mutts in the quarterfinals.

Our Championship Game was a “Black & White” affair and ultimately, the Blackouts came on top with an undefeated season. Final score 3-1.

Location: Harvard - Berylson Field

Original Team Roster: Andre Ferguson, Bianca Zarrella, Christina Sommerfield, Renaud Danhaive, David Eddie, Edward de Vries, Angela Giordano, Hillary Paul, Kimberly Bodaar, Kristen McIntire, Lauren shumate, Marisa Frank, Maggie Farrand, Margaret Kelly, Noel Samu, Rachel Grunden, Sophie Etienne
Approved Sub Adds: Alex Rooks, Katie Moynihan


Minuteman Purple Haze

Championship Game Notes: Minuteman Purple Haze vs Blackouts.

Location: Harvard - Berylson Field



boston blackouts

Championship Game Notes: Blackouts vs North East Elite

Location: Boston University - New Balance Field



boston united

Championship Game Notes: Boston United vs Minuteman FHC Purple

Location: Boston University - New Balance Field



HTC Field hockey club

Championship Game Notes: HTC Field Hockey Club vs Boston United

Location: Harvard - Jordan Field



minuteman fhc

Championship Game Notes: Minuteman FHC vs HTC Field Hockey Club

Location: Harvard - Jordan Field