I have been playing field hockey since I was nine years old. My first exposure was my 4th grade team in Argentina, but when I moved to the States, I skipped a few years and restarted back in high school. I went on to play in college at Northeastern University. Since my last season at NU (believe it or not was almost 10 years ago!), I have been playing off and on through out the years (and injuries); at first competitively at the Summer League, which then turned to High Performance, and then playing club with the Minutemen at MIT. I also joined different teams through the years and played at various types of tournaments throughout the country. In the end, some friends and I go back home with a bitter taste. Why can't we have something local and structured? Somewhere to play full-field (how the game was designed for) and on a good surface?

It has come down to being tired of saying the same thing over and over... that "I hope someone organizes it."  

TO ALL MY CURRENT AND NEW FIELD HOCKEY FRIENDS: This is my attempt. I am taking a chance and will organize a league for us to play.  I am starting with a post-collegiate division, but has room for much growth. I am setting this up as a not-for-profit because I do believe the end goal of continuing the game should be fun and affordable for everyone.