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Heads up to everyone that we are indeed still hard at work to bring you Season 6 of the North East Premier League! We want to be upfront with all our athletes in that due to scheduling conflicts this year has been challenging in securing a steady home base for all our games. Part of our mission has always been to provide the best possible playing experience. Thus we have been working every single day with various locations to make this happen. We will be releasing more information on schedules and registration as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for being so awesome and your constant support. Sincerely, the NEPL Board.



It was one of the most gorgeous nights NEPL has had all year. The skies were pink and bright with just the right amount of breeze for great semifinal field hockey conditions. 

The 7pm game was a face-off between North East Elite and the Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze. Despite being drastically down in numbers NEE held MMFHCPH for most of the first half but allowed 3 spectacular goals in the last 10 minutes of the first half. After a GK change for the second period NEE came out strong but still came up short at MMFHCPH notched the win and earned a spot for next week’s championship game. 

The second game at 8:30pm was between the Cinderella storied Boston Uprising and last year’s champs the Blackouts who have recently acquired Boston Brigade’s, Lacey Pustizzi in goal for the remainder of the season. 

Lead by rookie star Rishi Bhargava, Boston Uprising peppered the Blackouts' goal all night coming up short with only 1 goal against the Blackouts' 7 goals. Blackouts' team captain Megan Bozak will once again lead her team to the championship round. 

Following the game Bharagava gave a rousing speech congratulating his team on a season well played and wished them well as he announced signing with a team in Belgium and will be moving to Europe next season. We wish him the best and will be missed by everyone in the league. 



Congrats to all our athletes competing in the 4Goals Cup this past weekend! Both the Men & Women representing North east Premier under the Boston Field Hockey Club banner won top spots at the 2018 4Goals Open Tournament! The men went 4-0-1 while the women went a perfect 5-0, outscoring their opponents 28-1. 🏆🏑🌞 




The Quarterfinals were action packed this year!

On Tuesday, July 24th it was a tight game but Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze defeated Hands to advance to the Semifinals with a score of 2-1. 2 goals were scored by Katie Meyer for MMFHCPH and 1 goal by Troy Zirbel for the Hands. 

Later that night The Blackouts defeated the Minuteman FHC White Walkers 4-1 to also advance to the semifinals!

The games on Thursday, July 26th created a lot of excitement and drama for the NEPL. At 7:30pm Boston Brigade lost 3-2 against Boston Uprising but stayed until the end almost scoring with only a kicking back. 

The 8:30pm was an unfortunate first for the league. A full game was played between NEE and HTC however after review of the rosters following a player eligibility inquiry that was received the following afternoon, HTC was disqualified for using illegal players. This will allow North East Elite to advance to the semifinals. 

Join us again on Tuesday, July 31st at 7:30pm and 8:30pm for awesome post regular season action! (And don’t forget we will be at Harvard!)



Congrats to David Eddie of the Minuteman Field Hockey Club and Lacey Pustizzi of the Blackouts who were both selected for the East Coast All Star Team at this year's USFHL National Championship. Eddie plays goalkeeper for Minuteman Purple Haze and Pustizzi plays goalkeeper for Boston Brigade during the NEPL season.

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We are more than proud of how both our Men's & Women's Team represented the North East Premier League in this year's United States Field Hockey League's National Championship. Ultimately the Men playing as the Minuteman Field Hockey Club finished 4th and the women playing as the Blackouts finished 8th. Below are all recaps in chronological from the USFHL facebook page. Click here for all their updates. 

July 20 at 8:35 PM · 
Game #3 6:50 at the Proving Grounds - Minuteman FHC vs Triangle FH. With the Minutemen up 1-0 with only 6 minutes left in the game, Leon Kerr fires a ROCKET of a shot from the top of the circle to make it 2-0. They quickly put another one on the board with a tip in on far post by Lucas Van Dijk. TFHL put one in with 1:18 left on the clock to end the game with a score of 3-1 Minutemen.

July 20 at 9:13 PM · 
Game #4 8:00 at the Proving Grounds - CORNER HAPPY! DC Dragons vs Blackouts. DC Dragons dominated their first game of the tournament defeating the Blackouts 4-0 with three out of their four goals being scored on corners!

July 21 at 10:48 AM · 
Game #7 9:00am at the Proving Grounds - Blackouts vs Triangle FHL. 6-1 to Blackouts in the second game today! 3 goals from Dana Bozek and 3 for Marisa Franks to round out the scoring. Blackouts 6 TFHL 1.

July 21 at 1:41 PM · 
Game #10 12:30 at the Proving Grounds (Pool 1 2nd place vs Pool 2 2nd place). Blackouts vs Strikers. Close game 3-1 Strikers over the Blackouts. Laura Gebhart scored what proved to be the game winner!

July 22 at 10:26 AM · 
Game #14 5:00 at the Proving Grounds - NYCFH vs Minuteman FHC. New York City FH came out early in the first five minutes of the game with Jeremy Rose on a 1 v 1 from the top with Minuteman FH's goalie. Andrew Todd scored on a corner to the far post to keep New York City in the lead. NYCFH finishes strong as Jeremy Rose scores a second time on a corner to near post. A well played match ends at 3-0 with NYCFH on top.

July 22 at 10:34 AM · 
Game #15 6:10 at the Proving Grounds - Minuteman FHC vs DC Dragons. Luke Govia from Minuteman FHC puts the first goal of the game in a 1 v 1 with the goalie after receiving a beautiful long ball from Abdel Ekettani with only 9 seconds left. Minuteman FHC gains insurance after a second goal from Nathan Coolidge on a corner. Nearly 2 minutes after, Jaime Rodriguez gives the team a 3 goal lead after a successful stroke. However, the DC Dragons answer back as Jesse Larson collects the goalie's rebound off a corner shot. The buzzer sounds at 3-1 for the Minuteman FHC.

July 22 at 1:41 PM · 
Game #20 11:50 at Drexel - Women's 7th place game - Boston (Blackouts) vs Miami Surf. Final game at Drexel! Decided in a shootout. Each team scored on corners during the game and Fabiola Valdivia was the hero! She scored the last 1 v 1 to win the game.



Applause to be given in the 7:30pm game on Monday, July 16th to Boston Uprising’s substitute players Nate & Flo who each scored a goal to put them over the Hands team 4-1. Scoring for the Hands was Molly Morrison. 

In the 8:30pm game Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze defeated Boston Brigade for a second time in the row with a score of 2-0. 

Due to rain the games on Tuesday, July 17th  match ups were pushed to Wednesday, July 18th. The 7:30pm was another great game for MMFHCPH as they defeated The Hands Team 3-0. The 8:30pm game was great for North East Elite as they beat Minuteman Filed Hockey Club White Walkers 3-1. 

NEPL finally wrapped up the week on Thursday, July 19th! Boston Uprising beat Boston Brigade 4-1 and the Blackouts won over HTC by default due to a forfeit. 

Join us next week for quarterfinals!



With the league returning to regular season play after the Dirty Water Tournament, the athletes dug deep with heavy legs for their games. 

On Tuesday, July 10th The Blackouts were victorious over the Minuteman Field Hockey Club White Walkers with a score of 2-1. Later that night Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze defeated Boston Brigade of a score of 5-1. 

On Thursday, July 12th North East Elite beat HTC 4-1. NEE goals were scored by Meg Carrol with a fantastic hat trick coming from Taylor Blood. A lone goal from HTC's Jamie Rodriguez, eliminating the shut out. 

Later that night it the Hands defeated Boston Uprising 1-0 with the single goal coming from Molly Morrison. 

Join us this Monday, July 16th for a rain date to a rain date as the Hands take on Boston Uprising at 7:30pm and Boston Brigade takes on Minute Man Field Hockey Club Purple Haze at 8:30pm. 



That a great weekend it was for this year's 3rd Annual Dirty Water Tournament! Teams included 2 Minuteman FHC squads, the Blackouts, our loyal friends from Atlanta and new to the tournament the NY Islanders. Despite all 5 teams being very well matched against each other, it was the Islanders who took home this year's title as Dirty Water Champions!



Ok…so we may be a little late with some of these recaps but hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or something like that. Anyway we’ll keep it short and sweet since there’s a lot to recap. 

On June 12th Boston Brigade tied Boston Uprising 1-1. BB’s goal was probably scored by Mari Creatini (we kinda forget but she’s awesome so it was most likely her) and BU’s was scored by Rishi Bhargava. 

Later for the 8:30pm game the Minuteman Field Hockey Club White Walkers took on the North East Elite. Both amazing goals scored for the MMFHCWW were notched by Rachel Coll. It was NEE however that came on top with 1 goal scored by Kara Napolitano and 2 more from other people that we’re trying to figure out. final Score was MMFHCWW 2 - NEE 3. 

Thursday June 14th’s 7:30pm game was a legendary win for The Blackouts as they defeated HTC 3-0. Goals were scored by Megan Bozek and the father and daughter due of Andy & Emily Cannon. 

The 8:30 game was a win for The Hands as Troy Zirbel scored the lone goal putting them over the Purple Haze 1-0. 

Tuesday, June 19th was a big night for North East Elite’s Meg Shay as she scored a hat trick against Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze! 

The 8:30pm game was a goal-fest for Boston Brigade as they won 3-0 against The Hands. Two spectacular goals were scored by Mari Creatini and 1 from all star Ty Taylor.

This was also a big night for goalkeeper Lacey Pustizzi recording two shutouts while playing for both NEE and BB!

The Thursday, June 21st 7:30pm game had the Blackouts defeating Boston Uprising 3-2. Goals for Blackouts were scored by Jenna Freitas and 2 from substitute Nate Coolidge. BU goals were scored by Lauren Sertich and Brooke Sabia. 

The 8:30pm game had HTC defeating Minuteman Field Hockey Club White Walkers 3-0. Goals were scored by substitute Nate Coolidge and 2 from Jaime Rodríguez, one of which was a stroke. 

Join us this Tuesday, June 26th as the Blackouts take on North East Elite at 7:30pm and Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze takes on Boston Uprising at 8;30pm at New Balance Field. 

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June 20, 2018

Hard to believe that we are on our 6th week of the season...that's halfway! We have been getting a few questions about player eligibility/legality and subbing. The rules have not changed since last year, but regardless, there is confusion so we will clarify. The competition is fierce and we want everyone feeling they have a fair and equal opportunity to win the match.

  • Field players on the official roster CANNOT play on other teams, regardless of being on the same club team (if that club team enters multiple teams).

  • Goalies are the only roster players that can interchange between teams as needed.

  • Rosters have been posted here: This year we have a "SUB" list in case there are any questions.

  • Subs can register with one team for playoffs if they have played with that team at least twice during the regular season.

  • Only roster players (with approved subs added on late in the season) are permitted to play in the playoffs. Goalies remain as interchangeable.

  • Rules are posted here:

The key thing as Team Managers is that if you have a sub playing for you on any day, you must notify the NEPL staff on duty that day so that we can document those players. We want to track that those subs have played at least TWO times with your team. This will allow those subs to be added to your roster for playoffs. To become an official sub, they must sign the liability waiver as "SUB" in the team name. 

Here is the official SUB list (go to the bottom): If a player has played as a sub and is not listed on the list, they must immediately sign the waiver here:

We hope this helps clarify the player eligibility. Keep up the great competition and thank you for being part of our field hockey community!

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June 11, 2018

Action was packed as the NEPL returned from bye week!

Tuesday, June 5th double header started off with a 7:30pm match between that evil empire known as the Blackouts vs The Hands Team. Goals for the Blackouts were scored by Shannon Hlebichuck, Megan Bozek and 2 from Katie White. Not to be shut out Troy Zirbel scored a magnificent goal off a corner play ending the game with Blackouts 4 and Hands 1.

The 8:30pm game was just as exciting as Boston Brigade defeated North East Elite 2-1. The first BB goal came unassisted from Aislynn Sherry. The second BB goal was scored by Ed Forster off a cross from the end line by Mari Creatini who made her triumphant return to the field on this night. NEE’s physical style of play was knocking at the door with cross balls one of which struck a Boston Brigade player in the stomach on the goal line causing a stroke scored by Meg Shay. 

Thursday, June 7th’s double header was a complete goal fest coming from roster players and subs. Both games were close and exciting!

The 7:30pm game had Boston Uprising defeating Minuteman Field Hockey Club White Walkers 5-2. BU goals came from Whitney Jones, Nate Coolidge, Lucas and 2 from Rishi Bhargava. MMFHCWW notched 2 goals from Rachel Coll.

8:30’s match showed a lot of great play from both subs and roster players as the Minuteman Field Hockey Club Purple Haze defeated HTC 3-1. Purple Haze goals came from Hilary Paul, Edward de Vries and Renaud Danhaive. HTC notched 1 goal from Mikaela Kilmer.

Join us at New Balance Field on Tuesday June 12th for another NEPL double header between Boston Brigade & Boston Uprising at 7:30pm and Minuteman Field Hockey Club White Walkers vs North East Elite. 

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May 25, 2018

Last Thursday’s Double Header was another exciting one for the North East Premier League. 

In the 7:30pm game Boston Uprising defeated HTC 4-1. BU goals came from Rishi Bhargava, Brooke Sabia, Lauren Sertich and Alexa Carlson. A great goal was scored by HTC’s Bianca Strubbe. 

8:30pm’s game was without a doubt the most exciting the NEPL had seen all season. HUGE energy came from both The Hands Team and North East Elite the moment they stepped on the field. Comments could be heard all up and down the sideline like, 

“This game just made my week.”

“I love this league.”

“What a great night. I really needed this.”

and “The skill level tonight is even better than what I saw in college.”

The first goal was notched by Molly Morrison of Hands in the first half and soon answered by Kelsey Kolojejchick of NEE. The second half brought another goal from Kolojejchick and Kara for a final score of NEE 3 and HANDS 1. 

Join us Tuesday, June 5th for more NEPL action as Team Blackouts take on HANDS at 7:30pm and Boston Brigade takes on NEE at 8:30pm at New Balance Field. 



May 23, 2018

Its was a truly amazing night at New Balance Field as the Minuteman FHC Purple Haze defeated the Minuteman FHC White Walkers 2-1 and Team Blackouts beat the undefeated Boston Brigade also with a score of 2-1. 

In the first half of the MMFHC head to head match up it was from Erik Abels from the White Walkers to score the first goal. Answering back was Maggie Ferrand for the Purple Haze. It was Margaret Kelly who scored the second half to end the game with a score of 2-1 in favor of Purple Haze. 

The second game was an exciting match up between Boston Brigade and Team Blackouts. The first goal came in the first half from Shannon on Team Blackouts. The on a freak and nearly unheard of goalkeeping mistake by BB GK, Lacey Pustizzi put the ball into perfect position for Blackouts attacker Katie White to score the second. Boston Brigade answered back with a goal from Katie Hyland off a corner play from Ty Taylor. 

The second half was a display of offense from Team Blackouts and fantastic defense from Boston Brigade. Ty Taylor had a defensive career best as flyer as he broke up every single corner play and Lacey Pustizzi redeemed herself with an amazing amount of saves and tackles but it wasn’t enough as the Team Blackouts came up with the 2-1 win. 

Catch more NEPL action this Thursday, May 24th as HTC takes on Boston Uprising at 7:30pm and Hands takes on North East Elite at 8:30pm! 



May 18, 2018

North East Elite defeated HTC at the 7:30pm game last night with a score 4-3. 

The first goal of the game was notched by HTC’s Mark Foster and soon answered by NEE’s Janna Anctil making it 1-1 at the half. During the second half NEE scored three more unanswered goals, two from Meg Shay and one from Ashley Mendonca. HTC made a valiant charge answering back with two more goals late in the second half by Jamie Rodriguez and one more from Foster though it was not quite enough. 

The second game was a stick work showcase for Team Blackouts as they topped The Minuteman FHC White Walkers 3-1! Katie White scored in both the first and second half followed by a goal from Emily Cannon on Team Blackouts. MMFHCWW answered back with a goal from Erik Abels eliminating the shutout.

Catch us on Tuesday, May 22nd as The Minuteman FHC White Walkers return to take on their other half The Minuteman FHC Purple Haze at 7:30 and again at 8:30 as Boston Brigade takes on Team Blackouts!

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May 11, 2018

Opening week 2018 has come to a close for the North East Premier League. Thursday’s 7:30 game was a scoring showcase for The Hands Team as they tallied seven goals scored by Ceilidh MacNeil, Amanda Schoenfeld, Ally Troy and two each from Tori Danby & Amanda Roberts. Despite being short handed and using an AMAZING kicking back in the first half, (seriously, who was that kicking back because she was a rock star?!) they still had some great scoring opportunities but were only able to notch one goal from Nicki Sharkin with a final score of The Hands Team 7 and HTC 1. 

The 8:30pm game brought some of the best skill and competition the league has seen so far. Really, it was great to watch and must have been even more fun to play in. In the first half it was a goal from Julie on the newly re-formed Boston Uprising, a team made entirely of free agents. Despite seeing the great potential this team has it was The cohesiveness of the North East Elite who notched three goals from Ashley Mendonca, Caroline Tarbell and Jenna Anctil for the win.

Join us for week two this Tuesday, May 15th at New Balance Field as The hands Team takes on Boston Uprising at 7:30pm and Boston Brigade take on the Minuteman FHC Purple Haze at 8:30pm.  


May 8th opening night game recaps



May 9, 2018


It was one of the most exciting nights the North East Premier League has seen as it started its 5th season! At 7:30pm The Minuteman FHC Purple Haze took on last year's NEPL Champions the Blackouts. The game was tight with lots of scoring opportunities on both ends but it was the Blackouts coming out on top with the first goal by Brandon from Franny and a second goal by Franny from Maya. 

Game #2 at 8:30pm did not disappoint either as the Boston Brigade went head to head with the Minuteman FHC White Walkers. If you remember last year's Dirty Water Tournament, MMFHCWW defeated BB in a shoot out but last night it was Boston Brigade who brought home the win with a 3-1 victory!

(Big should out to the Minuteman Field Hockey Club and their love and commitment to the game in the Boston area by fielding 2 full teams for the league once again.)

Join us for more NEPL action this Thursday, May 10th on New Balance Field as HTC takes on Hands at 7:30 and North East Elite takes on the newly re-formed Boston Uprising consisting of all free agents at 8:30pm!