Sub Rules & Eligibility Clarifications

Hard to believe that we are on our 6th week of the season...that's halfway! We have been getting a few questions about player eligibility/legality and subbing. The rules have not changed since last year, but regardless, there is confusion so we will clarify. The competition is fierce and we want everyone feeling they have a fair and equal opportunity to win the match.

  • Field players on the official roster CANNOT play on other teams, regardless of being on the same club team (if that club team enters multiple teams). 
  • Goalies are the only roster players that can interchange between teams as needed.
  • Rosters have been posted here: This year we have a "SUB" list in case there are any questions.
  • Subs can register with one team for playoffs if they have played with that team at least twice during the regular season. 
  • Only roster players (with approved subs added on late in the season) are permitted to play in the playoffs. Goalies remain as interchangeable.
  • Rules are posted here:

The key thing as Team Managers is that if you have a sub playing for you on any day, you must notify the NEPL staff on duty that day so that we can document those players. We want to track that those subs have played at least TWO times with your team. This will allow those subs to be added to your roster for playoffs. To become an official sub, they must sign the liability waiver as "SUB" in the team name. 

Here is the official SUB list (go to the bottom): If a player has played as a sub and is not listed on the list, they must immediately sign the waiver here:

We hope this helps clarify the player eligibility. Keep up the great competition and thank you for being part of our field hockey community!